Jo and I on a good day

About Rob

I photograph trees mostly, because they satisfy my never-ending curiosity for life, adventure and being with great people that are like me.

Right now I photograph mostly with film, 6x7 Pentax medium format and 4x5 large format. Its difficult and it slows me down BUT the images I can create of very big and very small living things cannot be matched.  

I'm a qualified arborist and to keep my family happy I use my 10 years in trees working as a rigger on feature films, specialising in location work (especially in the trees).

I've worked on over 10 movies including Thor Ragnarok, King Kong -Skull Island, The Shallows, Peter Rabbit, Pacific Rim, Aquaman. Just recently ive done a lot of tree rigging in Dora the explorer (live action). I also work on ‘Im a celebrity, get me outta here’ UK.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have 3 amazing small girls that keep me mental.

You can contact me on or call me direct on (61) 0420 755 534